Small Series Cut-Away


Features and Benefits

  • Combines powerful penetration with agility and easy operation.
  • Integrated drilling system is comprised of all-hydraulic controls and a reactive damper control system, which work together to accommodate changing rock conditions. The hydraulic controls automatically adjust impact and feed force, while the damper control system regulates pressure based on rock hardness.
  • Dual damper system maximizes energy transfer to produce straighter holes.
  • Compact valve design provides for rapid valve and piston response and enhanced performance.



  • Fx45/55 Cutaway


  • Square body design for superior strength.


  • Easy access gas charged backhead.


  • Mono-block design eliminates a separate cylinder, fronthead & through-bolts.


  • Replaceable cylinder liner.


  • Large diameter piston.


  • Tool retainer (held in place by locking pin).


  • Field replaceable front bushing.



  • Fx 15/25/35 Cutaway


  • Snap ring


  • Working steel