Encore Recertification Program – Protect Your Investment!

The Encore Recertification Program from FRD USA shifts the burden and expense of routine breaker maintenance onto factory-trained FRD technicians and away from overworked, understaffed service departments.

Worker applying tape to FRD Drill with Encore logo in upper left corner of image.Overlooking routine maintenance on any hydraulic breaker can be a costly mistake. Regularly maintained breakers upgrade your initial tool investment and decrease the likelihood of breaker failure during operation or rental. What’s more, upgraded equipment will increase utilization, generating more revenue.

Designed to extend the life of your  hydraulic breakers, the unique Encore Recertification Program offers three distinct service levels, each incorporating various maintenance options. From routine tool inspection to complete overhaul, you choose the level that best suits your needs.

Features & Benefits

You choose the level that best suits your needs

Tier I: Offers a detailed inspection report including digital photographs complete with test firing

Tier II: In addition to the inspection report, tier II includes all seals, a diaphragm, four through-bolts and related hardware. We’ll even polish the piston and cylinder before reassembly. Your unit will be returned assembled with all bolts factory-torqued, all nitrogen chambers properly charged and the breaker painted and decaled.

Tier III: The ultimate maintenance package, this level includes all services from tiers I and II, but adds many more features. We’ll replace the thrust ring and front cover (if applicable) retainer pin(s), grease fitting, hose whips and all bushings, and provide you with a choice of one standard working steel. In addition, tier III includes a three-month limited warranty, free return freight, and eligibility for extended discounts
on same type working steel (moil / chisel / blunt).

Program Description
Providing unit sent to FRD USA complete, test fire (if necessary or able) before disassembly
Steam clean
Inspect breaker, generate detailed report & submit to customer/dealer before proceeding
Clean for rebuild
Polish piston & cylinder *
Replace required parts
Reassemble & re-torque
Recharge accumulator & backhead
Providing unit sent to FRD USA’s complete, factory test performed prior to shipment
Prep and paint
Seal kit(s)
Four (4) through bolts and all related hardware
Front bushing, thrust bushing, thrust ring, front cover (if applicable)
Retainer pin(s)
Grease fitting
Two (2) hose whips
Choice of standard working steel (moil / chisel / blunt)
Operators manual
3-month warranty providing parts not replaced meet FRD USA’s specifications
Return freight, FOB destination on domestic orders
Opportunity to purchase additional standard working steel of same type at extended discount
*NOTE: Occasionally, the piston and/or cylinder are NOT able to be adequately polished before exceeding FRD USA’s minimum wear limits. Be assured we will make every effort to utilize your existing components before recommending replacement.


On occasion, rebuilt Furukawa Rock Drill attachments are available. Please contact your sales representative for an updated list.

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