Fx375 Qtv Large Series Hydraulic Breakers – Performance, Strength and Reliability

Designed for excavators in the 28 to 44 ton range, the Fx375 Qtv is a hard-hitting hammer that has no rivals.

Incorporating the latest in design technology, the Fx375 Qtv hammer improves day-to-day performance, offering less maintenance and downtime, smoother operation, superior strength and the highest level of reliability.

No Thru-Bolts

The new Fx Series for excavators has eliminated a problem that has long plagued the breaker industry–Thru-Bolts. Our new large series of hydraulic hammers are designed without Thru-Bolts and all the problems that go with them.

Enhanced Design, Enhanced Performance

Operators appreciate performance features that include a new valve design to reduce hydraulic fluid temperatures. A redesigned piston enhances surface contact to working steel, while a larger bushing surface keeps it aligned for greater impact. A replaceable cylinder liner increases tool life and reduces time-consuming maintenance.

The Fx375 Qtv offers improved durability, with features that include a square, mono-block body design for superior strength. The elimination of thru-bolts also reduces maintenance and failure. Excavators equipped with quick couplers can take advantage of our Floating Top-Mount Boss mounting system. This incorporates standard mounting hardware while meeting “OEM Pin Centers” for specific carrier mounting eliminating the need for specific OEM top caps.

All FRD hammers come complete with our exclusive Pro-Pak for ease of installation. The Pro-Pak includes hose whips, mounting hardware, standard working steel and tool kit with operating manual at no additional charge.

Features & Benefits
Fx375 Qtv breaking up concrete | Furukawa FRD

Fx375 Qtv Hydraulic Breaker

Fx375 Qtv Features & Benefits

  • Designed without Thru-Bolts
  • Increased hydraulic flow range for use on a wider range of carriers
  • Mono-block design eliminates a separate cylinder, front-head and thru-bolts
  • Improved Dust Intake Prevention system increases reliability
  • Replaceable cylinder liner with concentric porting keeps piston aligned for maximum impact performance
  • Improved valve design reduces hydraulic fluid temperature which increases performance
  • Square body design for superior strength
  • 3-point sealing system prevents internal contamination
  • Redesigned piston increases surface contact to working steel
  • Improved dampening system keeps the breaker properly secure in cradle to reduce wear
  • Qtv cradle for improved protection, sound suppression and dampening
  • Increased and improved lubrication to critical components
  • Longer thrust bushing for increased internal alignment also insures direct impact with piston
  • Includes two-year warranty with registration

Fx375 Qtv Specifications

 Fx375 Qtv
Impact energy class6,500 ft. lbs.
*Total Weight in Lbs (kg)5,390 (2,444)
*Total Length in Inches (mm)135 (3,249)
Diameter in Inches (mm)6.10 (155)
New Length of Steel Measured from Front Face in Inches (mm)31.89 (810)
Replaceable Steel Length, Measured from Front Face in Inches (mm)19.30 (490)
Adjustable Blows Per Minute (BPM)300 ~ 450
Acceptable GPM Range (LPM)45 ~ 69 (170 ~ 261)
Acceptable PSI Range (Bar)2,320 ~ 2,610 (160 ~ 180)
85 dB(A) @~ 19 meters
Recommended Carrier Range in U.S. Tons (tonnes)28 ~ 44 (25 ~ 40)
Carrier Options
The contents of these specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Note: Total weight and total length include standard working steel and universal top cap less mounting pins and bushings.
Fx Large Series Cut-Away

Fx Large Series Cut-Away

  • New valve design reduces hydraulic fluid temperatures to increase performance
  • Redesigned piston increases surface contact to working steel Advanced lubrication system evenly distributes grease to thrust bushing, front bushing and rod pins
  • Higher backhead pressure for improved performance
  • Square body, mono-block design for superior strength, eliminates a separate cylinder, fronthead and through-bolts
  • Replaceable cylinder liner with concentric cylinder porting keeps piston aligned for maximum impact performance
  • 3-point Patent Pending dust intake prevention system incorporates grooves to trap contaminates on the upstroke and expel them on the piston down stroke, cushion ring acts as a secondary trap, improved external sealing minimizes dust intake
  • Increased bushing surface keeps working steel aligned for greater impact and is replaceable without disassembly

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