HCR1200 Series II ED – Combining Performance and Durability

The HCR1200 Series II ED with extendable boom incorporates a self-adjusting drill system that ensures high productivity, no matter what the drilling situation.

By automatically controlling the impact force, feed force, rotation force and dual damper pressure, the HCR1200 continuously adapts to the changing rock conditions, increasing drilling performance and the life of drill tools while decreasing fuel consumption.

Features & Benefits

HCR1200 EDII Top Hammer Drill

HCR1200 Series II ED Features & Benefits

  • Maximize operator performance with the ultimate in ergonomic cab designs.
  • HCR1200 ED cabs are ergonomically friendly with features that reduce operator fatigue. Cabs are 43″ (1,100mm) with ROPS/FOPS standard.
  • All cabs are air-conditioned and continuously pressurized with filtered air to maintain a comfortable operating environment.
  • Cabs are equipped with radio, bluetooth and USB port.
  • Rubber-mounted engine frame isolates cab from engine vibrations.
  • Single-lever drilling control for easy operation.
  • Large windows maximize operator visibility.
  • Walk-around ground level maintenance provides fast, easy upkeep or repair.
  • High-visibility gauges allow operator to monitor machine functions while remaining focused on the drilling.
  • Low-emission Tier III engines offer low fuel consumption and meets US exhaust emissions regulations.
  • Advanced rotary rod changer allows easy drill rod changes. Operators can add and remove rods using a single lever. Rods can also be indexed in the rack to distribute wear evenly and reduce costs.
  • HCR1200 ED features 12′ rods with extendable boom for increased drill pattern.
  • Heavy-duty Furukawa undercarriage featuring a pentagonal section design to reduce dirt build-up and track wear ensures strength and durability.
  • High-output compressor increases flushing air, provides faster drilling and decreases bit wear.
  • Reliable dust control system increases suction capacity and provides effective pre-cleaner to reduce escape of drilling dust. An optional dust suppression system is available for difficult drilling conditions.
  • Angle indicator for quick and easy drilling alignment.

HCR1200 EDII Specifications

Operating Weight with Fuel/Oil34,408 lb14,700 kg
Overall length32'-9"9,975 mm
Ground contact length9'-1.5"2,780 mm
Overall width with pre-cleaner10'4"3,125 mm
Overall width7'-10.5"2,400 mm
Width of shoe13"330 mm
Overall height shipping9'-9"2,975 mm
Weight485 lb220 kg
Impact rate2,250 - 2,500 bpm
Number of rotations0 - 190 rpm
Ground clearance18.11"460 mm
Oscillating angle±7.5° deg
Travel speed0 - 1.9 mph0 - 3.1 km/h
Max grade of hill climb57.7 (30°) %
Make/modelCUMMINS® / QSB 6.7
TypeTurbocharged and air to air after cooled diesel, direct fuel injection, electronic governor.
Rated output240hp / 2,500rpm179kw / 2,500rpm
Meets Tier III and EU stage-3

Low-emission, low fuel consumption Tier III Cummins® engine meets major exhaust emissions regulations in US and Europe.

Net usable output available at flywheel of the installed engine with all the standard accessories. SAEJ1349, SAEJ1995 conditions.
Piston displacement1.7 gal6.7 liter
Fuel tank capacity111 gal420 liter
Type2-variable displacement axial piston pumps; largest for travel, impact and feed, smaller for drifter rotation. 3-gear pumps for cooling and dust collector, boom and rod changer.
Hydraulic oil tank capacity57 gal215 liter
ModelAIRMAN® PDS265-S32D
Free air delivery275.2 CFM7.8 m3/min
Working air pressure149 psi1.03 MPa
Lift angle (up-down)45° - 20°
Swing angle (right-left)35° - 5°
Extension length3'-10"1,200 mm
Length25'-6"7,800 mm
Feed length15'-0"4,620 mm
Swing angle (right-left)30° - 90°
Tilt angle170°
Maximum pulling force6,632 lbs29.5 kN
Dust collector
Suction capacity1,058 CFM30 m3/min
Number of filter5
TypeRod changer
Number of rods6 + 1 (starter rod)
Bit diameter3" - 4"76 mm - 102 mm
Type of bitCross, Button, Spike
Rod size38H, 38R, 45R (51R)
Rod length12'3,660 mm
Starter rod length12' - 14'3,660 mm / 4,000 mm
The contents of these specifications are subject to change without notice.
Dimensional Information

Drilling Coverage – Printable PDF

Front View – Printable PDF

End View – Printable PDF


HCR1200 EDII Options

Water/dust suppression system
Remote control
Rod setter
Heavy-duty rear-mounted bumper
Cold start kit (ESPAR, WEBASTO)
2D angle indicator
3D angle indicator
Drill monitoring system with GPS capabilities
Heating pad
Central greasing system
Tropical kit
Rear view camera