Mechanical Thumbs – Versatility In Action

These three-position thumbs are ideal for use in demolition, recycling operations, landscaping and general construction applications.

FRD USA offers a full line of thumbs designed to fit carriers ranging in size from 3,000-120,000 pounds. All tines are fabricated with AR400 steel, which is 38 percent stronger and 46 percent harder than commonly used T-1 steel. All pins are machined from hardened steel alloy for low maintenance.

Features & Benefits

Mechanical Thumb

Mechanical Thumbs Features & Benefits

  • Expanded range of heavy-duty thumbs permits installation on mini-excavators, rubber-tired back-hoes and excavators.
  • All steel tines are fabricated with AR400 (abrasion resistant) steel, serrated and gusseted. AR400 is 38% stronger, 46% harder and resists wear better than commonly used T-1 Steel.
  • Thumbs feature three versatile, ridged positions to adapt to a variety of working conditions.
  • Pins are machined out of hardened steel alloy.
  • Overall thumb width never exceeds the carriers minimum bucket width eliminating potential interference during operation.
  • Thumbs fold flush and maintain a low profile when pinned flat against mounting bracket.
  • No additional parts are required to hold thumb in retracted position.
  • All units shipped with easy-to-follow installation instructions.
Specs: MT3X10 - 33X40

MT 3X10/8X16/16X33HD/33X40 Specifications

 MT 3X10MT 8X16(L)MT 16X33HDMT 33X40
Carrier Range ( x 1,000 lbs.)3-108-1616-3333-40
Weight (lbs.)108371710820
Pin Diameter2.00"2.00"2.00"2.00"
Tine Thickness0.50"0.75"1.00"1.00"
Tine Length28"35" (40")48"52"
# of Tines2233
Carrier Options

The contents of these specifications are subject to change without notice.

Specs: 40X55 - 80X120

MT 40X55/55X65/65X80/80X120 Specifications

 MT 40X55MT 55X65MT 65X80MT 80X120
Carrier Range ( x 1,000 lbs.)40-5555-6565-8080-120
Weight (lbs.)9961,4102,4523,105
Pin Diameter2.00"2.50"3.00"3.00"
Tine Thickness1.00"1.25"1.50"2.00"
Tine Length58"62"63"73"
# of Tines4444
Carrier Options
The contents of these specifications are subject to change without notice.

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