B555/B999 Air Rams Pneumatic Breakers – Performance In Extreme Heat

Air Rams are designed for skid-steer loaders, rubber-tired backhoes and hydraulic excavators.

Ideal for use on roads and bridges, rock, utility applications and in steel mills for ladle and furnace cleaning where heat can be detrimental to hydraulic breakers. These hammers have proven themselves for more than two decades.

Features & Benefits
B999 Air Ram breaking rocks | Furukawa FRD

B999 Air Ram

B555/B999 Air Rams Features & Benefits

  • Automatic valve provides maximum power with a minimum of air consumption.
  • The piston impacts tappet not working steel, protecting the piston from damage.
  • Air cushions reduce impact action of piston and tappet reducing wear and tear of critical internal parts.

B555/B999 Specifications

Impact Energy Class500 ft. lbs1,000 ft. lbs
Weight in Lbs (kg)502 (228)950 (431)
Without Steel32.5 (826)57 (1,448)
With Moil Point 50 (1,270)74 (1,880)
Bore in inches (mm)3.75 (95)4.62 (117)
Stroke in Inches (mm)4.75 (121)15 (381)
Working Steel Diameter in inches (mm)2.5 (64)3.5 (89)
Chuck Sizes in Inches (mm)2.5 (64)3.5 (89)
Optional Chuck Size
in Inches (mm)
3.0 (96)-
Air Hose Size in Inches (mm)1 (26)1.5 (38)
Blows Per Minute600600
Required CFM175250
The contents of these specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Weights and lengths for all configurations include standard Working Steel (less mounting & Hose Whips)
** Weights and lengths for FSP’s & Qt’s include a Universal Top Cap (less mounting & Hose Whips)
*** All working steels are interchangeable with the previous F-Series